A trip to Tigre

In 1492, Columbus sailed the Ocean blue, yada yada yada. We all know how the tale goes. Columbus, in search of a western route to Asia, found himself in the Caribbean. Thinking he had reached his destination, he immediately labeled the natives he encountered Indians before realising that he had in fact landed somewhere half a world away from India.

In a similar fashion, when European settlers first reached the river delta just outside of what is today Buenos Aires, they were greeted by locals. This time, in the form of fearsome jaguars. Quite literally for lack of a better word, they reported that the area was full of tigers and consequently named their settlement Tigre.

A wonderful scene by the river.

Last Tuesday, my friends and I all got a day off work for el Dia de la Bandera, Argentine flag day. We hopped on a train and decided to take a little break from the city. We encountered neither jaguars nor tigers on our trip save for little tiger logos on flags around this charming little settlement.  Instead, we were treated to beautiful views of riverside houses, walks along the promenade, and churros. Lots and lots of churros!

A basket of magnificent churros

After a river tour around the delta in a lancha, we gorged ourselves on steak and pasta before walking to the local museum to work it all off. As ~cultured~ as we are, we are first and foremost stingy college kids and we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay to go in. Instead, we just wandered around outside the gorgeous building. Looks a bit like a haunted house no?

Photographers call the hour around sunset the blue hour. Normal people simply call this twilight. Regardless of what you call this precious time of day, the sight of the sun slowly sinking into the river, the gradual painting of the sky in shades of orange before giving way to an eerie blue, is universally beautiful. These photos don’t do it justice:

Happy to have spent a perfect day in Tigre, sans big cats and all.

With the wonderful Nat ❤

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