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That one time…

Most of the world’s best stories start with the same four words: “Remember that one time…?”. Say these four words out loud and I’ll bet that your mind fills in the blank the same way google suggested answers pop up in your web browser. This column is dedicated to some of my “that one time” moments. Some (most) of these moments are embarrassing, some are hilarious, some are truly moving, and all of them are truly memorable.

From that one time I went to Greece. Mark my words though, if you keep reading this blog, you will certainly read about this trip more than once!


I love food. No, you don’t understand, I LOVE food. Eating well is a point of pride for most Hong Kongers. I think that Hong Kong’s national obsession with food is best captured by our tendency to hold Michelin gourmet food in the same regard as the city’s best dai pai dong (street food stall). Knowing the best hole in the wall place for won tun mien (wonton noodles) but also the best place for overpriced truffle pasta is almost a national sport with people always vying to be the most in-the-know.

I mean, it’s a well known fact that at any given time, half the population of Hong Kong is in Japan eating their way through fish markets and food stalls. The other half of the population is either at a dim sum place or nursing a food coma after said dim sum.

This dichotomy proves Hong Kong’s simultaneous passion for international cuisine and love of home comforts – a passion that I carry with me wherever I am in the world as exhibited by the fact that I know how to say “oh my god, that’s delicious” in every single language. Don’t believe me? It’s simple really. When eating with a group of locals in a foreign country, a sudden silence upon the arrival of food, accompanied by the quick scrapping of knife against fork, or chopstick against bowl, or hand against plate, is the universal language for “wow, this is good food”.

In this column, I document my wonder at all the good food out there – a wonder that people of every culture can relate to.